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Angelico Campaigners

Mission, Vision, & Dream

The Angelico Project‘s mission is to transform the culture through beauty. Our vision is to make the greater Cincinnati region the center of a great revitalization of Catholic art, thought, and culture.

A key part of this mission is the construction of a Catholic Culture Center; a place where anyone can come any day of the year to be totally immersed in the truth, goodness, and beauty of Catholicism.

The first step to realizing this dream is our Founders Campaign. Our goal is to reach 500 Founding Members by July 1 2023. However, we think we can achieve this goal by Easter 2023, with the help of a new team we are forming, a team of people called Campaigners!


Our Campaigners team is comprised of 50 people who have committed to helping recruit just 5 people to join the mission as Founding Members of The Angelico Project.

How to be a campaigner

Step 1: Pray

Ask the Lord, through the intercession of Blessed Fra Angelico, to help us set our region on fire for the Gospel.

Step 2: Brainstorm

Asking for the Holy Spirit’s help, try to think of 10 friends, family members or acquaintances who would be interested in being a part of Angelico’s mission. Write them down and get their contact information.

Step 3: Ask

Using the templates provided to you by The Angelico Project, invite each of the 10 people you brainstormed to become part of the mission via phone call, text, email, social media message or however you feel most comfortable.

Step 4: Tell Us Who Says “Yes!”

Hopefully, at least 5 of the people you contacted will say “Yes, I am interested.” When they do visit and let us know who they are. We will follow up with them to help them sign up.

Step 5: Celebrate

When we hit our goal we will plan a party for our campaigners! The first campaigner to recruit 5 people and the campaigner who recruits the most people will also get a free dinner on Angelico. Every campaigner who recruits at least 5 new people will have their name put in a drawing and one of them will also receive a free dinner.

Nota Bene

Have someone who is still on the fence? Invite them to one of our upcoming events. Check our homepage frequently to see which events are coming soon –


(Adapt as you see fit! Use your own words and adapt to whatever medium you are using, be it text, email, call, or social media message/post)

Hi _____

I hope you are doing well.

I am involved with an organization called The Angelico Project – we’re a non-profit initiative working to make our region the center of a great revitalization of Catholic art, thought, and culture. You can learn more about us and see our upcoming events at

Our goal is to build a Catholic culture center somewhere central to the Greater Cincinnati area; a place where people can come together any day of the year to be immersed in the truth, goodness, and beauty of Catholic culture – think art shows, major speakers, concerts, conferences, family event, festivals, theatrical performances, film screenings and more!

The first step to launching the campaign for the culture center is to recruit 500 Founding Members (we’re more than halfway there!)

Founding Members donate at least $10 a month (or $120 annually) and in exchange receive;

  • A Founders Card/ Season Pass that gets them into our ticketed events for FREE
  • A free copy of our Visio Divina Prayer Journal (when it is complete)
  • Their name will be publicly displayed in our Catholic Culture Center when it is built.

So many people are leaving the Faith, I really feel like we need something like this to happen; something positive that will give people hope and will work to strengthen the Church in our area.

I thought you might be interested in being a part of this exciting initiative from the very beginning. You can become a member today by visiting

Let me know if you have any questions!

Blessed Fra Angelico – pray for us!

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