Evangelizing souls and transforming the culture
by promoting the Good, the True and the Beautiful
through the arts, thought and culture.

The Angelico Project is lighting a beacon of hope.

Our inaugural year has impacted our region through the Good, the True and the Beautiful, and the result is renewed hope, stronger community and increased joy in Catholic identity. See below for Highlights and Guild Achievements. 

Click here for a recap of Angelico’s 2019 – 2020 Season.

  • Inaugural Year – 7 Key Events
  • Audience Reached – 1,635 Attendees
  • Email Subscribers – 700+ and growing!
  • Letter of Endorsement from Archbishop Schnurr
  • Support for Programming – from Catholic Ministries Appeal
  • Catholic Arts Evangelization Organization – First of its kind in the Midwest


The Angelico Catholic Arts Guild is an outreach of The Angelico Project.  Measurable successes in achieving our Mission Goals include:

  • Over 100 Artists Reached – Enrich the faith and work of artists
  • 6 Key Events and Meetings – Nurture a taste for Goodness; a longing for Truth; a love of Beauty
  • Mass for Artists and Guild Gathering – Deepen the artist’s relationship to the Creator
  • 36 Artists represented in inaugural juried show with 100+ submissions
  • 75 pieces selected for Midwinter Light Show – Building a network of friendships, collaborations and mentorships

The Angelico Project aims to water our dry secular soil with the beauty of the sacred. We know that beneath all of creation, God quietly directs his providential plan—but we have to look for the evidence, which often shows up in small signs that we might miss if we aren’t attentive. Angelico programs prompt us to look for these signs in the best artistic images in painting, sculpture, film, music, and literature. 

-Anne Burleigh (Author)

The Virgin of the Annunciation

Blessed Fra Angelico,

Patron Saint of Artists, Pray for Us!

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The Angelico Project is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization.

Why The Angelico Project?

“Art is capable of making visible our need to go beyond what we see, and it reveals our thirst for infinite beauty, for God.” 

– Pope Benedict XVI

Please join me in praying for the success of this important endeavor, supporting its work, informing others about it, and enjoying the cultural fruits it will yield.”
Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr
Archbishop of Cincinnati
How do we evangelize a culture so closed off to objective truth and morality? Through beauty - which provides a powerful and personal experience of the transcendent. It's time for the Church to become the great patron of the arts once again. It's time for The Angelico Project."
Brad Torline
Associate Director of Catechesis and Evangelization, Diocese of Covington
We are living in a time in which many people are opposed to a traditional presentation of the Gospel and truths of the faith, and yet the Good, the True and the Beautiful in the arts transcends all barriers, touching hearts, opening minds and transforming the soul.”
Loraine Muldoon
The Angelico Project - Board Member
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