A lay Catholic initiative that promotes the Good, the True and the Beautiful in our region through the arts and culture

The arts have the power to unify, transform, touch hearts and break divisions while they entertain and educate. What they present and the story they choose to tell forms and influences hearts, minds and souls. The Angelico Project will speak to the dignity of the human person and enrich our community through what is Good, True and Beautiful.

The Angelico Project is lighting a beacon of hope.

2019-2020 Angelico Season


November 15th and 16th

All Catholic Life in Pop Culture events are free!

All events this weekend will be held at St. Francis Xavier Church, 611 Sycamore St, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Parking in large lot next to church and other lots immediately surrounding the church.  Parking garage across the street.

Catholic Life in Pop Culture Events:

Leah Libresco Sargeant and Alexi Sargeant

Word on Fire Institute Fellow, Leah Libresco Sargeant and her husband Alexi Sargeant, Catholic tabletop game designer present:

Talking Pop Culture with Leah and Alexi:

FRIDAY, November 15th at 7pm:

“Heroism and Authority in the Marvel Cinematic Universe”
(joint talk by Leah and Alexi)
What do the blockbuster films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have to say about power and responsibility, and how is it best for us to view them (and talk about them!) as Catholics?

Gaming While Catholic 
(talk by Alexi)
Drawing on his experience running and designing storytelling and tabletop games as a Catholic, Alexi addresses how playing the right games can help us tell truer, more Christian stories.
SATURDAY, November 16th at 1 pm:
 Autumn Triduum Game Day”
Alexi will run a live actual play demo of his in-development roleplaying game about religious sisters confronting the forces of evil, Autumn Triduum. Join us to watch as Alexi and a panel of roleplaying gamers including Leah work together to weave an original story about darkness, sisterhood, and faith. (1pm to 5pm)
SATURDAY, November 16th at 7pm
“Building the Benedict Option”(talk by Leah)
Leah gives a talk and workshop on her latest book, a practical guide to building thicker Christian community, even on a short timescale. Guests will leave with ideas for what they can do in the coming weeks or even days to gather two or three together in Christ’s name.

(Dan Giroux from The Catholic Shop will have Leah’s book for sale, and Leah is available for signing, after the talk on Saturday night.)
 Learn more about this dynamic couple:
Leah: leahlibresco.com, on Twitter @LeahLibresco
Alexi: alexisargeant.com, on Twitter @AlexiSargeant

Tangled, the movie – with Catholic Analysis

Friday, January 10th at 7pm

This is a free event

Presented by Joan Ratajczak
Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center
The movie, Tangled, about the familiar fairy tale of Rapunzel, is actually an allegorical story of the Christian life. Whether it was intentional by the scriptwriters or not, this enjoyable film is loaded with symbolism to be discovered and discussed. Come to hear an overview of Christian symbolism in fairy tales, see the movie, and share insights on the timeless truths of our faith featured in this fine film.

Retreat – Faith and Beauty, Fr Gabriel Torretta OP

in collaboration with the Aquinas Society

Saturday, February 15th

St Gertrude Church, Madeira, OH
Morning mass and retreat followed by an Arts Guild workshop in the afternoon. More details coming soon.

the Exciting World of Percussion!

An Evening with CSO’s Dave Fishlock

Spring 2020

David Fishlock, principal percussionist with the CSO, presents a performance featuring the variety of instruments in the world of percussion. Dave’s engaging style is a real treat, so get ready for a delightful and energetic show! Dave may have a few extra surprises up his sleeve – a unique opportunity, specially created The Angelico Project audience! 

Juried Art Competition and Show

Spring 2020

Brought to you by the Angelico Catholic Arts Guild.

Theatrical Events


Planning for these events is in progress.  

Our Vision for The Angelico Project
is big and bold -
to build a Catholic Cultural Center.

angelico project catholic cultural center

“The Angelico Center”

...an opportunity to leave a legacy for the Catholic community in the Greater Cincinnati region for generations to come!

If this vision speaks to you, contact us at info@angelicoproject.org. We look forward to sharing with you the opportunity to endow your community with this bold and innovative project.

Why The Angelico Project?

“Art is capable of making visible our need to go beyond what we see, and it reveals our thirst for infinite beauty, for God.” 

– Pope Benedict XVI

Please join me in praying for the success of this important endeavor, supporting its work, informing others about it, and enjoying the cultural fruits it will yield.”
Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr
Archbishop of Cincinnati
How do we evangelize a culture so closed off to objective truth and morality? Through beauty - which provides a powerful and personal experience of the transcendent. It's time for the Church to become the great patron of the arts once again. It's time for The Angelico Project."
Brad Torline
The Angelico Project - Board member
We are living in a time in which many people are opposed to a traditional presentation of the Gospel and truths of the faith, and yet the Good, the True and the Beautiful in the arts transcends all barriers, touching hearts, opening minds and transforming the soul.”
Loraine Muldoon
The Angelico Project - Board Member

Inspired by the Holy Spirit our mission is evangelizing souls and transforming culture by promoting the Good, the True and the Beautiful in our region.

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