Catholic Theater Group​

Are you interested in...Theater? Scriptwriting? Acting? Directing? Are you passionate about your Faith? ​

Then this group is for you!

Over drinks and snacks, we will discuss how to begin building a community of local Catholics interested in theater through …

  • Script readings
  • Attending/ watching plays and performances together, and
  • Hopefully, someday, performing together!

Angelico’s goal is to begin hosting theatrical performances, perhaps as early as Fall 2023. Maybe this group will be the first step! Even if you are not interested in performing yourself, but are interested in theater, please join us!


Monday, January 30th, Wednesday, March 15th, Wednesday May 31st


7 pm




St. Monica St. George
Newman Center Building
328 W McMillan St,
Cincinnati, OH 45219

If you can’t make the first meeting but you’re interested in future meetings subscribe to our emails by clicking below.