Year In Review 2019-2020 Season

Our inaugural year has impacted our region through the Good, the True and the Beautiful, and the result is renewed hope, stronger community and increased joy in Catholic identity.

We believe this is due to God’s grace combined with the special power inherent in the arts to touch hearts and transform lives.

The networking of artists, the tremendous response of young people and the great success of our outreach has inspired us to do even more next year.

  • Inaugural Year – 7 Key Events
  • Audience Reached – 1,635 Attendees
  • Email Subscribers – 700+ and growing!
  • Letter of Endorsement from Archbishop Schnurr
  • Support for Programming – from Catholic Ministries Appeal
  • Catholic Arts Evangelization Organization – First of its kind in the Midwest


The Angelico Catholic Arts Guild is an outreach of The Angelico Project.  Measurable successes in achieving our Mission Goals include:

  • Over 100 Artists Reached – Enrich the faith and work of artists
  • 6 Key Events and Meetings – Nurture a taste for Goodness; a longing for Truth; a love of Beauty
  • Mass for Artists and Guild Gathering – Deepen the artist’s relationship to the Creator
  • 36 Artists represented in inaugural juried show with 100+ submissions
  • 75 pieces selected for Midwinter Light Show – Building a network of friendships, collaborations and mentorships

Mass For Artists

September 12th, 2019

The Angelico Project’s first public gathering was, most appropriately, a Mass for Artists. Celebrated in the beautiful side chapel at the Cathedral in downtown Cincinnati, attendance at the Mass surpassed expectations with an overflow crowd. This was followed by a lively reception in the elegant Synod Hall. The mainly young adult crowd responded enthusiastically, and especially appreciated the chance to meet, pray and network with each other.

The Divine Plan: Film Preview and Discussion with Filmmaker Rob Orlando

October 5th, 2019

A standing room only audience attended this kick-off event for our season of arts and culture. Rob Orlando’s film explores the friendship of JPII and Ronald Reagan and their pivotal role in the fall of Communism. Mr. Orlando deepened our understanding with a talkback after the screening of the movie, which came to Cincinnati on a national tour, including stops in NYC and the White House.

Film Screening with Filmmaker Cristian Murphy

October 24th, 2019

This intimate documentary explores the vocation of artisanship through the world of five artists as they share their vocation to serve God through their art. Audiences at both the Cathedral undercroft and U.C. were deeply inspired to make a “masterpiece” of their own lives.

Leah Libresco Sargeant and Alexi Sargeant

November 15th-16th, 2019

In a powerhouse weekend, topics ranging from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to gaming to the importance of building “thicker” Christian community delighted and inspired the eager audience. Everyone left with a renewed vision for creating a more intentional Catholic culture in their lives.

“Literature, art, theater, music and film have an irreplaceable potential to stir the heart. What a gift to have the Angelico Project reigniting our awareness that without the good, the true and the beautiful we are living an impoverished reality. Already in its opening season, the Angelico Project’s events have offered a much-needed dose of hope and joy to the community it is fostering.”

–Emily Macke (Author, Ruah Woods Press, Adjunct Instructor at Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary)

Family Movie Night: Disney’s Tangled Discovering Christian Symbolism with Joan Ratajczak

January 10th, 2020

What Christian symbolism can be found in Disney’s hit movie, Tangled? Young and old enjoyed a good old-fashioned ‘family movie night’ interspersed with brilliant commentary and discussion led by Joan Ratajczak. The audience went forth with “new eyes” to discover the hidden truths we can find in a variety of media.

Midwinter Light - Juried Art Exhibition by the Angelico Catholic Arts Guild

February 1st-4th, 2020

Midwinter Light presented the excellent and inspiring work being produced by Catholic artists in our region. The artists explored deeply spiritual as well as secular themes in a variety of media. The exhibit attracted over 400 visitors and gave artists a unique opportunity to showcase their work.

Day of Recollection "Seeing God: Fra Angelico’s Visual Lectio Divina” (Fr. Gabriel Torretta, O.P.)

February 15th, 2020
How do we “behold” timeless Catholic works of art? At our Day of Recollection, Dominican Fr. Gabriel Torretta used images and dynamic commentary to guide over 200 people into a deep contemplation of Fra Angelico’s work. Artists and art lovers enjoyed the intersection of Scripture, art, prayer and beauty in this ‘visual lectio divina.’

“…..I have been hoping and praying for a resurgence in beautiful Catholic art, and a community where I could have fellowship with other artists. In my previous life (before kids) I was a painter….in August, I conducteda personal, silent retreat where I prayed over St. JPII’s letter to artists. This morning after Adoration I spied your card on the table outside the chapel. I felt like I was dreaming! God bless you for this wonderful project!”

–Adelaide DuBois (painter, homeschool mother of 8)

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